About Us

Lanka Milk Foods (CWE) group includes five companies engaged in importing, manufacturing, producing, packaging marketing and distributing some of Sri Lanka’s best known dairy and beverage brands. The Company’s flagship brand “Lakspray” is a house hold name in Sri Lanka which has nourished generations of Sri Lankans for over 50 years. The Group also markets leading brands including Ambewela, Daily, Lakspray Non-fat, My Juicee, and BLU energy drink.

Lanka Milk Foods (CWE) PLC exercises complete control of its supply chain from end-to-end which is a key strategic advantage that the group enjoys. The group expansion in the farm sector since 2001 has supported backward integration process enabling the liquid milk manufacturing companies of the group to supply the best quality milk for its products.

Ambewela Dairy Farms situated in the central hill country of Sri Lanka at a height of 6000 feet from sea level is the ideal homeland for its Friesian and Ayrshire herd of cattle. These animals at Ambewela farms are fed with ryegrass which is scientifically accepted as the grass that contains a high percentage of protein, thus giving a high production of best quality milk. The ryegrass seeds are imported from Australia and New Zealand. The cows in our farms produce an average of 22-24 Litres of milk per cow per day, which is the highest average yield in the country. The high yielding cows, produce in the range from 45 to 50 Litres of milk per cow per day.


“To become the most desired entity and leader in the Sri Lankan dairy industry.”


“Provide high-quality dairy products to all, with a focus on safety and nutrition.”

In order to maintain a pure breed of Friesians and Ayrshires artificial inseminations are carried out with best quality semen imported from USA and Finland respectively. The characteristics of imported semen are meticulously selected to suit our sub-tropical climatic conditions, easy calving, high immunity system, and high production of milk. In keeping with the modern scientific development the farms use only sexed semen to minimize the birth of male calves.

The best of modern machinery such as heavy duty tractors, slurry bowsers, fertilizer boom sprayers and like are used for mechanized cultivation. The feed formula is specially designed by a global expert in cattle nutrition from South Africa. This feed is produced in highly sophisticated feed mill installed within the farm. The health care of the animals is carefully looked into, by a resident Veterinary Surgeon and two visiting Veterinary Surgeons with foreign experience. In addition, the qualified and well experienced staff, maintain the farms at an international standard. Consequently the excellent quality of milk produced has a very low plate count of bacteria, which is the same as in the traditional dairy producing countries in western Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The quality milk thus produced is processed at two sophisticated factories located in Welisara and Ambewela. The Ambewela Fresh Milk pack which is the market leader in liquid milk today, has gone through the world renounced UHT process thus preserving the milk with its full nutritive value for a period of six months without refrigeration. It is Lanka Dairies (Pvt) Ltd one of our group companies, that introduced UHT processing and Tetra Packaging to Sri Lanka.

The paramount factor in our production process is that from the udder of the cow up to the end product Ambewela Fresh Milk remains untouched by human hands, thus assuring the consumer the most hygienic conditions in every pack of liquid milk produced by the LMF group and the efficient management practices. Ambewela Yoghurt, Cheese and Butter are value added products manufactured at the factory in Ambewela farm which are in great demands. With an outstanding history of Gouda, Edam and Parmesan cheese production at Ambewela farms. These products currently cannot meet demands.

LMF’s commitment to deliver the very best and most hygienic products to tis customers while remaining committed to the social and environmental factors and wellbeing of the community remains unshakeable.