Board of Directors



Mr. Harry Jayawardena was elected Chairman of Lanka Milk Foods (CWE) Plc in October 2008 after serving as the Managing Director for nearly 17 years. He is one of the most successful and renowned entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka who steers many successful enterprises in diversified business arenas.

He is the Founder Director and current Chairman/Managing Director of the Stassen Group of Companies – a diversified group in export and import trade. He is also the Chairman of Aitken Spence PLC, Browns Beach Hotels PLC, Aitken Spence Hotel Holdings PLC, Aitken Spence Hotel Managements Asia (Pvt) Ltd., Negombo Beach Resorts (Pvt) Ltd., Lanka Power Projects (Pvt) Ltd., Milford Holdings (Pvt) Ltd., Milford Developers (Pvt) Ltd., Milford Exports (Ceylon) (Pvt) Ltd., Ceylon Garden Coir (Pvt) Ltd., C B D Exports (Pvt) Ltd., Timpex (Pvt) Ltd., Texpro Industries Ltd., Melstacorp PLC., and its subsidiaries Distilleries Company of Sri Lanka PLC., Periceyl (Pvt) Ltd., Balangoda Plantations PLC., Lanka Bell Ltd., Bell Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. Madulsima Plantations PLC., Lanka Dairies (Pvt) Ltd, Ambewela Livestock Company Ltd, Pattipola Livestock Company Ltd., Ambewela Products (Pvt) Ltd, Indo Lanka Exports (Pvt) Ltd., Bogo Power (Pvt) Ltd., United Dairies Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. and Bellactive (Pvt) Ltd. 

He is the Managing Director of Stassen Real Estate Developers (Pvt) Ltd., and serves as a Director on the Boards of Stassen Plantation Management Services (Pvt) Ltd., Melsta Gama (Pvt) Ltd, Melsta Health (Pvt) Ltd., Hospital Management Melsta (Pvt) Ltd and DCSL Brewery (Pvt) Ltd. He is the Honorary Consul General for Denmark in Sri Lanka and the only Sri Lankan to be honoured with the prestigious “Knight Cross of Dannebrog” by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, for his significant contribution to the Danish arts, sciences and business life.



Appointed as a Director to the Board of LMF in the year 1992. He has many years of experience in the import/ export field and services related to international trade including logistics, documentation,insurance, banking, and finance.

Mr. Jansz is a Director of the Stassen Group, Melstacorp Group, Lanka Milk Foods Group and Distilleries Company of Sri Lanka PLC. He is the Chairman of Melsta Hospitals Ragama (Pvt) Ltd. and Melsta Hospitals Colombo North (Pvt)Ltd

He has been the Chairman of DFCC Bank PLC. and the Sri Lanka Shippers Council.Mr. Jansz holds a Diploma in Banking and Finance from the London Metropolitan University– UK. He is a Chevening Scholar and a UN-ESCAP Certified Training Manager on Maritime Transport for Shippers.Mr. Jansz specializes in the movement and finance of international trade and has many years practical experience in these fields.


Executive Director

Ms. Stasshani Jayawardena was appointed to the Board of Lanka Milk Foods (CWE) on 19th August 2019.She marks several milestones for Aitken Spence PLC, Aitken Spence Hotel Holdings PLC and Browns Beach Hotels PLC as the youngest board member and as the first female member on the board. Jayawardena heads the tourism sector of Aitken Spence PLC inclusive of hotels, destination management and overseas travel. With a career spanning over 10 years at Aitken Spence, she wields a fresh perspective in management and leads strategic business units across the Group. She leads several key strategic teams as the Chairperson of Aitken Spence Hotel Managements (Pvt) and Splendor Media Ltd.; as a member on the Board of Directors of Aitken Spence PLC, Aitken Spence Hotel Holdings PLC, Stassen Group, Aitken Spence Aviation (Pvt) Ltd, Western Power Company (Pvt) Ltd and other companies.

A graduate of St. James’ & Lucie Clayton College and Keele University in the United Kingdom, Ms. Jayawardena made waves from a young age. She was the youngest intern to work under US Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton and the Former US President Bill Clinton in 2003; and was appointed as the Sri Lankan Ambassador for EY NextGen Club from 2017 to 2019.She is a member of the PWC NextGen Advisory Board since 2020, the Executive Board of The Hotel Association of Sri Lanka (THASL) and was appointed to represent THASL at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Committee meetings since 2019 (Hotel sector). She was appointed as a Council Member of the EFC and as Chairperson of the EFC Hotels and Tourism Employers Group for the Financial Year 2020/2021. She is also the Executive Committee Member for the year 2020/21 at the International Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka. Ms. Jayawardena represents the Company as the Ambassador from Aitken Spence PLC at the Target Gender Equality initiative of the UN Global Compact since 2020. She is also a member of the Austrian Business Circle in Sri Lanka. In recognition of her work and commitment to inspire, she was recognized at Top 50 Professional & Career Women Awards in Sri Lanka with a Gold award in the Hotel & Hospitality Sector in 2017, and in 2020 by Sri Lankan business magazine, Echelon, listing her among the most innovative and influential young leaders who have succeeded in business and shaping the future of Sri Lanka. At present she leads a team of international professionals in strengthening the service foundations and formulating the strategic road map for the tourism sector of the Group. Her passion remains in designing the next generation of business with the core values of integrity, sustainability, empowerment and equal opportunities with the use of data driven technology.


Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. Kamantha Amarasekera is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and is an Attorney-at-Law of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka. He also holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Sri Jayawardenapura and began his career in the year 1998. He is an eminent Tax Consultant and the Senior Tax and Legal Partner of Amarasekera & Company, a leading tax consultancy firm in the country. In the year 2008, Mr. Amarasekera was appointed to the Board of Lanka Milk Foods (CWE) PLC as an Independent Director. He is also a Director of Balangoda Plantation PLC, Browns Investments PLC, Eden Hotel Lanka PLC, Browns Capital PLC, Kelani Tyres PLC, Madulsima Plantations PLC, Palm Garden Hotels PLC.


Independent Non-Executive Director

Dr. Shakthevale was appointed to the Board of Lanka Milk Foods (CWE) Plc as an Independent Director on 01st May 2008. He is also a Director to the Boards of United Dairies Lanka (Pvt) Limited, Madulsima Plantations PLC and Balangoda Plantations PLC as well.
Dr. Shakthevale is a Veterinarian cum Agricultural Economist with nearly 45 years of consulting, agricultural planning, project implementation, monitoring, and policy formulation experience. He has served in various positions towards the development, monitoring and administration of numerous agricultural sectors. He has experience in working in the public (Agriculture, Livestock, Education and Health sectors) and private sector, central and provincial ministries and at district levels. He served as a Secretary at the Ministry of Rehabilitation and Social Service in North East Provincial Council; Additional Secretary (Livestock) at the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development for six years; Board Director for MILCO and NLDB; Project Manager, Millennium Development Goals Project, funded by UNDP; Coordinating Secretary (Parliamentary Affairs) to the Minister of Policy Planning and Implementation; Member of the Sri Lanka Independent Finance Commission; President of the Veterinary Council of Sri Lanka and President of the Senior Veterinary Surgeons Association of Sri Lanka. He has worked at FAO and UNDP, UNHABITAT, Land O’Lakes, Oxfam GD. At present, he is a member of the technical committee of All Island Dairy Association and a freelance Consultant in the field of Livestock Development.


Non-Independent / Non-Executive Director

Mr. Hasitha Jayawardena was appointed to the Board of Lanka Milk Foods (CWE) Plc on 11th July 2016. 

Mr. Jayawardena joined the Stassen Group in February 2013. He serves as a Director on the Boards of  Stassen Exports (Pvt) Ltd., Milford Exports (Ceylon) (Pvt) Ltd., Stassen International (Pvt) Ltd., Stassen Natural Foods (Pvt) Ltd., Stassen Foods (Pvt) Ltd., Ceylon Garden Coir (Pvt) Ltd., Milford Developers (Pvt) Ltd., C B D Exports (Pvt) Ltd., Distilleries Company of Sri Lanka PLC., Periceyl (Pvt) Ltd., Melstacorp PLC., Lanka Dairies (Pvt) Ltd., Ambewela Livestock Company limited., Pattipola Livestock Company Limited., Ambewela Products (Pvt) Ltd., United Dairies Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., Zahra Exports (Pvt) Ltd., Balangoda Plantations PLC., Madulsima Plantations PLC., Mcsen Range (Pvt) Ltd., Melsta Gama (Pvt) Ltd., Melsta Health (Pvt) Ltd., DCSL Brewery (Pvt) Ltd., Melsta Hospitals Ragama
(Pvt) Ltd. and Melsta Hospitals Colombo North (Pvt) Ltd.

Mr. Jayawardena holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration BBA (Hons) from the University of Kent in the United Kingdom. He has also worked as an Intern at the Clinton Global Initiative programme (CGI) in New York in 2007.



Group Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Manjula Dahanayake holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Sri Jayawardenapura and is also a Chartered Marketer from the Chartered Institute of Marketing UK. Mr. Dahanayake was appointed as the Group Chief Executive Officer on 02nd May 2019. He has over 29 years of experience in the Sales and Marketing arena with a wealth of knowledge in the fields of FMCG, Food and Beverages, Telecommunications and Mobile Devices having worked for Multinational Giants like Unilever Sri Lanka, Nestle Lanka, Coca-Cola Beverages Sri Lanka, Bharti Airtel Lanka and Samsung Electronics to perceive a fantastic all-round exposure

At Unilever and Coca-Cola as Senior Marketing personnel, he got involved in launching many products and product extensions under the brand names of LUX, Rexona, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Lion, where he got involved in developing many outdoor campaigns which lead to the success of these brands.

Further, he is one of the pioneers who developed the Modern Trade business in Sri Lanka and is an exceptional individual who has a very good relationship with Supermarket Business partners in the country together with the multinational giants where he had worked for. At Coca-Cola, he was awarded the “Global Best Marketing Personnel of the year” award in 2003.