Ambewela Milk

The Ambewela dairy brand was launched in 2004, with the vision of providing a premium quality dairy products to the Sri Lankan consumers and to contribute towards the development of the local dairy industry. Full Cream liquid milk (pure fresh milk) was introduced first under the Ambewela brand. Ambewela is produced using premium quality pure cow’s milk from Ambewela Farm. In the farms, milking is done under strict hygienic conditions, according to the best international dairy practices, resulting in only the purest quality fresh milk, conforming to highest international dairy standards. Ambewela Full Cream milk is UHT processed and aseptically packed, with a shelf life of six months at room temperature. Ambewela has no artificial additives or preservatives. Ambewela milk is the most sought-after milk product especially with parents as it assures a good balance of taste and good health for kids and young adults.

In 2009, realizing the quantum of consumer equity built within the short span of five years, the Ambewela brand was extended to other forms of liquid milk such as UHT Non-fat milk, UHT flavored milk, Cheese and Yoghurt