Our founding story

Lanka Milk Foods (CWE) PLC is a local brand with a proud history of over 40 years.  It has been committed to providing wholesome nutrition to generations of Sri Lankans through its wide variety of products and services. For years the brand has been consistently growing to compete against global and regional giants.  First established for packeting and distribution of imported milk powder, the brand has since then progressed to becoming one of the most innovative beverage and dairy product providers in the country. It is also home to the largest packing plant in South East Asia.

Today, Lanka Milk Foods (CWE) PLC is more than a mere service provider, but a trusted name across the nation that transforms the lives of all its stakeholders by providing opportunities for economic growth and sustainability.

Down the memory Lane



Establishment of the company to packet and distribute imported milk powder in Sri Lanka.


Becomes a PLC

Lanka Milk Foods (CWE) PLC becomes a public quoted company.


Stassen’s conglomerate takes over

Stassen’s conglomerate takes over the controlling interest of the company with a majority share ownership of 51.33%. Lakspray had a market share of 93% at this time with no competitor bands in the dairy market.


Lanka Diaries (Pvt) Ltd

A subsidiary named Lanka Diaries (Pvt) Ltd established where milk in 200ml was packed in flavoured liquid milk utilizing the UHT tetra pack technology. LDL is the first company in Sri Lanka to do so.


The New Zealand and Ambewela farms

The New Zealand and Ambewela farms in Nuwera Eliya was brought over from the government. These farms are among the largest farms in the country up to date.


Ambewela Products (Pvt) Ltd.

A new subsidiary established under Ambewela Products (Pvt) Ltd.