Our Products

Continued product development means ULTRA-FILTERED to PERFECTION. We can now deliver quality milk powder products, including nutritional blends, in consumer packs. We are able to blend and pack nutritional ingredient powders as well. Packaging options include single serve through to 1kg packs.

Lakspray Milk Powder

Lakspray, a distinguished renowned milk powder brand that has nourished the nation for more than 45 years and is the flagship brand of Lanka Milk Foods Group.

It is a natural full cream milk powder prepared from 100% pure cow’s milk and is free of chemical additives or preservatives. As a result Lakspray is creamier than other instant milk powder brands. The rich and creamy texture helps our consumers enjoy and prepare a larger volume than other semi instant milk powders.

Ambewela Milk

The Ambewela dairy brand was launched in 2004, with the vision of providing a premium quality dairy products to the Sri Lankan consumers and to contribute towards the development of the local dairy industry. Full Cream liquid milk (pure fresh milk) was introduced first under the Ambewela brand. Ambewela is produced using premium quality pure cow’s milk from Ambewela Farm.

ambewela goat milk

Ambewela Goat Milk

ambewela goat milk

The fresh goat milk produced by the flock of goats at New Zealand Farm is available in the market as a 190ml bottle.

Ambewela Cheese

Ambewela Gauda Cheese

Cheeses are produced both at the New Zealand farm in Pattipola and Ambewela Products Pvt Ltd in Ambewela. Processed cheese is available in 200g Packets. Gouda and Edem is available in the form of blocks and slices. Cheese spread is available as 50g and 100g packs.

Ambewela Gauda Cheese

Daily Flavoured Milk

Daily was the first milk product in Sri Lanka to be packed using the UHT treatment and aseptic processes in 1996 and it has become the landmark beverage brand of the country ever since.

Ambewela Drinking Yoghurt

Lanka Dairies (Pvt) Ltd (LDL) has introduced a 200 ml pack of vanilla flavoured drinking yoghurt in tetra packing in February 2016. The product contains no preservatives at all, and it is shelf stable for four months without refrigeration.

Daily Activ

ACTIV was the latest added flavour to the Daily Brand, in order to meet the increasing demand for malt based dairy beverages among Sri Lankan consumers. ACTIV exceeds the consumer expectations with the right combination of taste and nutritional value and it has become a sterling success among local youth and is associated with many of their activities and aspirations.

My Juicee

MyJuicee is one of many fruit drinks in the market, providing daily dietary requirements of vitamin C.This product is processed using premium quality fruit pulps and concentrates sourced both locally and internationally, on keeping with international quality standards.


BLU was launched in 2012, and is having an amazing growth in the Sri Lankan market. BLU is an internationally acclaimed brand which is available in more than 40 countries in worldwide.


Latest addition in Ambewela range of milk products, especially for kids. Bringing the nations premium milk to the children of Sri Lanka in three delicious flavors in a fun size and shape pack.