LMF Promise & Focus

We believe in doing better every step of the way, because it’s the right thing to do. For us, “better” means growing our own crops and putting our cows’ well-being at the top of our list. It means sustainable farming and agricultural innovation, to ensure the future of our planet. And it means bringing health and vitality to you by providing better nutrition from wholesome, real milk.

Nourishing the nation through uncompromised quality

We are committed to providing nutritive products to our consumers which are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. Our quality control assurance division and systems in place ensures that no process is overlooked from sourcing of materials to the storage of finished goods.

Committed to achieving sustainability

Achieving sustainability is the most important objective of the brand. In order to achieve this LMF has optimized all its processes for high efficiency, high health and safety standards and low environmental impact. Additionally, LMF also contributes to the sustainability of the country through various funding and CSR initiatives.

Setting the benchmark for dairy farms in the country

The two farms operated under LMF are adorned with lush ryegrass from New Zealand that provide optimum grazing conditions for the cattle. Animal Care and Process Control are also maintained at very high standards with the incorporation of global technologies and knowledge.