Life at LMF

Employees are the driving force at LMF. The company encourages diversity among its employees to create a dynamic team that thrives in any given situation.  Currently the LMF team consists of over 700 of individuals from different walks of life with unique skill sets.  The contribution by each employee is highly valued and their inputs are appreciated in the process of setting goals and objectives. This inclusive culture ensures that the entire team is driven towards a single mission envisioned by the brand.

A high level of employee engagement is maintained within the company via a number of initiatives.

Open door policy

Communication is made easy and transparent within the company. Any employee will have easy accessibility to the different tiers of decision makers of the company at all times.

Welfare measures

The well-being of employees is considered of utmost importance at LMF. Special welfare measures are taken frequently to ensure that their needs are met.

Work-life balance

At LMF we believe that a healthy work-life balance leads to more productivity within the company and increased levels of fulfillment among the employees.

Career growth opportunities

LMF provides a variety of opportunities for its employees to enrich their careers through effective training and development programs as well as exposure to global environments.

Health and safety measures

An integral element of the sustainability concept at LMF is ensuring the health and safety of its employees. Factories are equipped with stringent safety assurance measures while all employees have access to medical support during emergencies.

Competitive remuneration

We believe in effectively rewarding our employees for their commitment and hard work. Competitive remuneration packages based on performance are maintained within all levels of the company.