Science and Innovation is an integral element of the Lanka Milk Foods. At LMF we believe in maximizing the benefits of fast progressing technologies to offer more appealing products to our clientele. We were the first to introduce UHT processing and Tetra Packaging to Sri Lanka and maximize the benefits of the latest scientific innovations by sourcing the best quality semen from USA and Finland for the artificial insemination to maintain the pure breed of Friesians and Ayrshires cattle.

Quality Control

The company currently maintains an internationally recognized Quality Management System (QMS) that complies with the ISO 9001 requirements. This system that has been in place since 2001 ensures that stringent quality levels are maintained from the point of sourcing to the storage of finished goods. Samples are meticulously tested in fully equipped chemical and microbiological labs to ensure quality before processing.

LMF also operates its own Quality Assurance Division that focuses on the maintenance of the environment, hygiene and sanitation standards. In addition, the in-house ultra modern fully automated packing plant, laundry, water purification plant and janitorial services contributes to better control of quality and cleanliness across processes.


LMF encourages R&D as a key factor for continuous growth of the company. Special researches are carried with regards to artificial insemination of cows for the preservation of better pedigree.

The feed for the animals are also designed originally by the R&D team at LMF to ensure maximum output and productivity while retaining the quality of the products.


We do not compromise on the health and well being of our animals. The cattle are provided with safe enclosures, high quality feed and appropriate environmental conditions.

Special focus is given to maintaining the health of pregnant and milking cows across the farms. An internationally experienced Veterinarian leads an efficient and effective health care team to provide timely interventions when necessary.